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Premium payment

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

The premium paid - on average

Since summer 2020 the premium price system is in place. Our price mechanism is based on the daily standard price per kilogramm of DRC plus a premium, of which one part is paid directly to the farmers daily, the other part is paid to the group monthly.

The 4 farmer groups received on average between for around 270t of latex (DRC) 10.9-15.07% increased income due to the premium paid (between June 2021 and May 2022).

One part of the premium is managed by the group and is spent according to the group's decision.

Measuring DRC (Dry Rubber Content) of Latex-sample

How is the group money (organized in 4 collection points) spend:

  • the four groups are deciding individually how they want to spend the group money in a collective process

  • some examples how the money was spend:

    • buying new gallons for each farmer

    • buying a machine to process wood

    • borrow money to members in wintering season, when latex volume is less

    • help members who were affected by covid

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