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What makes our initiative special?

Asking the project team in Thailand what is it, that makes the RRI special,

the answers came straight and simple:

From left to right: Whan (Project assistant) Linda (einhorn) Dr. Jawanit (PSU University) Sudthida (latex processor) Gaga (Project lead) Dr. Sara (PSU University)


  • the base is community trust: we don't need any certified body to do the job > we have built the system with trust

  • total traceability: Every stakeholder in the chain will have income. Everybody in the group knows exactly, what it is for > Premium money is transparent (by foundation and Phattalung Paratex)

  • build on trust and sincerity

  • project start from customer, others follow the standard


  • Everyone has the same goal: farmer, researcher, factory, customer

  • PGS: Particpatory Gurantee System > improve and develop agroforestry and biodiversity as a criteria

  • no auditor needed : Arm (project staff) and head of group checking for agroforestry of the farmers

  • collection point: will be audited by factory

Dr. Sara and Dr. Jawanit

  • trust is the foundation: but once you get in the group, you need to comply with the regulation and follow the guideline of quality control

  • people come, because of the common goal: Agroforestry, but also the financial incentive

  • initiative: own perception, original idea, fits mindset (of our group)

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